Friday July 21st, 2023

10:30 AM - 4:30 PM: Session Dino Watt, "From Good to Great: How Owning Your Role Can Transform Your Leadership Style"
Jill Allen, "Hiring 2.0: Team Turnover Isn't the Vibe"
Shannon Patterson, "How to Successfully Navigate Growth Amid Change"
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM Happy Hour with Our Sponsors
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM The Wind Down Reception

Saturday July 22nd, 2023

10:30 AM - 4:30 PM: Session Michelle Shimmin, “The Psychology Behind the Digital Transformation in Your Practice”
Nic Bradfield, “What’s It Worth? Planning for Your Future in a Valuable Way”
Tracy Martin, “The Evolution of Ortho Services in a Millennial World: ‘Productizing’ Your Practice"
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM Happy Hour with Our Sponsors & Goodbyes!

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Ortho Evolution Conference

Dino Watt

“From Good to Great: How Owning Your Role Can Transform Your Leadership Style”

Description: It's no surprise the path to your company success in owning their role, starts with you. You have the same strengths and weaknesses, fears and excitements as anyone else and when you enhance your ability to share those in a transparent way, your team members will want to replicate your example.

Owning you is the fastest and most effective way to end owner frustration, employee burnout and company overwhelm.

When you understand and implement the concept of Owning your role in your company, you create a magnetic culture everyone wants to be a part of. One that attracts the most highly motivated and supportive team members as well as the highest value clients to work with.

Learning Objectives:

  • The 5 tenants used by the most effective leaders to enhance their influence and enroll their teams.
  • How to use tactical empathy and communication skills in order to accomplish more in your professional and personal development.
  • What you can do to be more authentic with your team so that everyone can support the growth of the company.
Jill_Allen-portrait (OE)

Jill Allen

“Hiring 2.0: Team Turnover Isn’t the Vibe”

Description: Whoa! Did you have to place another hiring ad this month? Ouch, we’ve all been there. Hiring has been the obstacle many practices have faced over the last few years… But fear not!

It’s time to get more out of your hiring process, and Jill has some tips for you. From interview hacks to personality evaluations, this lecture is crafted to keep your weekends spent relaxing on the couch instead of reviewing resumes at your desk.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify key outsourcing opportunities
  • Understand critical factors in workplace satisfaction
  • Leverage unique hiring questions to identify the candidate's personality strengths and how they will benefit their position
Ortho Evolution Conference

Shannon Patterson

“How to Successfully Navigate Growth Amid Change”

Description:  This presentation will provide practice owners with foundational awareness and key insights into today's changing landscape. With many changes taking place in the market, Shannon will discuss the facts and trends of the current market offering doctor-owners the knowledge to make strategic decisions for the future of their practice.

In addition to presenting up-to-date dental/orthodontic market data, this lecture will identify the major pressures the specialty is facing. Among these changes are new technologies and consolidation in both general dentistry and specialties which are occurring at an accelerated pace. This presentation will provide the data needed to stay competitive and make strategic decisions about the future of your practice.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Trends in Today's Dental Marketplace & Industry Standards
  • Current Market Disruptions including the expansion of DSO models
  • Current Consumer Behaviors
  • How to position yourself for growth in a changing environment
Michelle_Shimmin-portrait (OE)

Michelle Shimmin

“The Psychology Behind the Digital Transformation in Your Practice”

Description: Your leadership needs to evolve! There are key components necessary to a successful orthodontic practice and if you do not enhance this skillset, you will be unable to attract and retain top talent among your team. Behind this ability lies the success of your true transformation.

Learning Objectives:

  • I will help you understand how psychology provides you the ability to influence your team’s buy-in
  • You will learn what is necessary in today’s leadership
  • You will take away the documents and processes needed for the highest level of accountability among your team along with how this is directly correlated to the transformation and digital workflows within our industry today
Ortho Evolution Conference

Nic Bradfield

“What’s It Worth? Planning for your future in a valuable way.”

Description: EBITDA... Margins... Multiples... Growth Levers... All common financial details used to calculate the value of a practice. And, value, like beauty, can be in the eye of the beholder.  A glaringly obvious killer culture, stability, future income potential, and a proven and sustained market share are also things that matter not only to you but also to prospective partners and buyers. Also... a flush bank account never hurt anyone.

Let’s work together to create a limitless future by uncovering hidden growth, maximizing our quality of life now and down the road, and creating a solid exit strategy—whenever that is for you—now, or 30 years+ from now!!!

Learning Objectives:
Take a truly critical, behind the curtain, bare-it-all look at your practice and its procedures and ask:

  • What is missing?
  • What can we add?
  • What is no longer serving us?
Ortho Evolution Conference

Tracy Martin

“The Evolution of Ortho Services in a Millennial World: Productizing Your Practice”

Description: This presentation is going to be a punch of reality (can we really imagine me doing something else?) and a strategic map to make sure that the practices that attend this meeting are going to be set for success in 2023-2025 in a way that the others just can't without a much longer learning curve.

We'll deep-dive into the buying process of a Millennial, discussing the strategies your practice can implement to ensure that every "Feels box" is checked for your New Patients & the Millennial "Village" they influence. Don't miss this!!

Learning Objectives:

  1. I'm going to show the doctors & office managers how to systemize their treatment options
  2. How to turn their treatment options into "products" of the practice
  3. How to strategically market them to a Millennial consumer that loves to buy/spend money.